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How Much Does It Actually Cost To Go On A Luxury Honeymoon?

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Congratulations ! The two have become one and now it is time to plan your honeymoon! Planning a honeymoon is one of the most exciting aspects of planning your wedding. There are so many amazing destinations & resorts to choose from. Having your honeymoon in a romantic & luxurious place is now more appealing than ever. But how much can you expect to pay for your honeymoon? The answer depends on these 5 factors which I have broken down below and the costs may surprise you. ENJOY!

1. Your Honeymoon Destination

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

A romantic & luxurious honeymoon starts with a great location! Maybe you choose locations that are closer to the continental U.S, such as Jamaica, Mexico & the Caribbean, or you may be looking for a more exotic honeymoon local, such as Hawaii, Fiji, Bora Bora, or even Europe. Usually, the more exotic and less populated a honeymoon destination is, the more expensive it can be.

Average Airfare Prices:

Obviously, airfare can take up a chunk of your honeymoon budget. Also generally speaking if you are flying to a tropical island during “high season” (Dec-April), Flights are going to be more expensive than low Season, (May- Nov).

With that being said, here are some current averages based on May 2023 honeymoon travel:

  • Depart From Midwest or East coast to the Caribbean or Mexico: $450-$1000 per person, round trip, depending on flight itinerary & destination.

  • Depart From Midwest or East coast to Hawaii: $600-$1600 per person, round trip, depending on flight itinerary & destination.

  • Depart From Midwest or East coast to the South Pacific: $2000-$2500 per person, round trip, depending on flight itinerary & destination.

  • Departing From West Coast to the Caribbean or Mexico: $500-$1000 per person, round trip, depending on flight itinerary & destination.

  • Depart From West Coast to Hawaii: $600-$1600 per person, round trip, depending on flight itinerary & destination.

  • Depart From West Coast to the South Pacific: $2000-$2500 per person, round trip, depending on flight itinerary & destination.

PRO TIP: There will always be fluctuations in price based on the time of year and even the day of the week. If you find an unbelievable air deal, double-check the type of seat it is and the air schedule. Many really cheap tickets have incredibly harsh restrictions as well as horrible air itineraries that could get you to your resort so late at night that you miss all of your first day at your resort, therefore ultimately wasting money and delaying the start of your honeymoon bliss!

2. Your Honeymoon Resort Choice:

Photo by Dani Cymone Events- Secrets Vallarta Bay

The resort you choose for your honeymoon will take up the majority of your honeymoon costs.

Every resort offers different honeymoon amenities, room options, restaurants, activities as well as food and beverage plans. AI (All-inclusive) resorts include all of your food and beverages with your package price. EP (European Plan) resorts offer an a la carte menu where you pay for each meal or beverage just as you would going out to dinner or bar stateside.

You definitely need to take your time looking through all the available options so that you can make sure you get the best resort for your unique honeymoon wishes and wants. Your honeymoon travel agent will be able to guide you through choosing the best resort for your needs. It is important to provide all of the details to your agent so that they can plan the best honeymoon for you!

3. The Honeymoon Suite You Choose:

Photo : Junior Suite Swim Out -Secrets Vallarta Bay

Remember that the room or suite you choose will impact the overall cost for your honeymoon stay. For example, you could love resort (A) with a base price of $3700 that includes a “standard room.” But you choose a swim-up suite for your room option. The price for your honeymoon package at the resort (A) will now be $5,550, because of the room you choose.

PRO TIP: Never go with a standard room for your honeymoon! Start Deluxe and go up as you can afford it because it will make a difference in your honeymoon experience. I know I say it a lot in my articles, but it is TRUE! This is your honeymoon, not just another trip or vacation! If you can bring some WOW to your honeymoon, do it!

Below is an average cost you can expect to pay for different luxury honeymoon resort stays for 7 nights based on current rates: Because I won’t send anyone to a resort that is average or below quality, you can assume that all of these prices are going to be 4 stars and higher in quality.

Luxury Resort: Adult Only AVERAGE RATES based on a 7-night stay:

Deluxe Room: $4,500-$5,500

Suite: $6.000-$8,000

Butler: $8,000-$11,000

Highest Room Category:

Think over the water bungalows or Four Seasons

type quality & experience: $16,000-$25,000

4. The Honeymoon Package & Amenities You Choose:

Photo by Carlos Mora -Puerto Vallarta Media Kit

Most high-quality resorts will have some type of honeymoon package that will be included in your stay, such as a special honeymoon welcome package, candlelight dinner, breakfast in bed, couple’s massage, etc. Some resorts offer these complimentary with certain room packages and some are available as add ons.

NOTE: Most of these honeymoon packages have requirements , such as a minimum night stay, or that you indicate it is for your honeymoon when you book your resort, so make sure you read the fine print. When in doubt , ask your honeymoon travel agent.

5. Activities & Excursions:

Photo by Dani Cymone Events -Vallarta Adventures

Most of your honeymoon is going to be all about relaxing, romancing, and getting pampered at the resort you are staying at. But depending on you and your new spouse’s personality, you may want to get off the resort and explore a little. Maybe doing an ATV tour, visiting a waterfall, bathing in hot mud baths, shopping in a local village, zip lining, rum tasting, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, etc. You get the idea!

NOTE: There are MANY tour companies out there, but only so many reputable companies. Usually the lower the price the more sketchy the company. Only go with companies that are licensed and insured, and have great testimonies. For a good quality tour, you can expect to pay around $120 per person and up, depending on the type of tour, and all the different activities that are included.

Photo by Gustavo Fring


Your Honeymoon can be whatever you and your new spouse want it to be. If you plan ahead and are smart about where to splurge on your honeymoon here and there, You can have a WOW-type honeymoon without killing your budget. The most important thing is that you have a relaxing, pampering, & fun honeymoon that will start your marriage off with incredible memories.

If you’ve been struggling or frustrated trying to get this honeymoon thing all figured out, and you’re ready for a little help, schedule a free honeymoon consultation with me here today, so that you can get unstuck and get the “dreamy honeymoon” checked off your list!


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